Single horse compost spreader

Picture 1: General view front left

Picture 2: General view coupling to Mono-Rad 1.0

Picture 3: General view coupling to Mono-Rad 1.0

Technical specifications

Usage: Grassland, Market gardening
Working width: 1240 mm
Payload: 850 kg compost
Spreading rate: 8 … 10 to/ha
Total width: 1910 mm
Total length: 1910 mm
Total height: 1120 mm
Weight (empty): 224,5 kg
Barrel: ELITE GROUND PRODUCTS (GB), stainless steel ø 940 mm
Transmission: SmP, two-sided direct drive with freewheel and clutch
Wheels: DOMINIAK (PL), 14 spokes DN20
Tires: 3.75-36
Frame: SmP
Adapter to Mono-Rad: WESTFALIA (D) / SmP

Stree-Won Concept 1.1

Planned further development:
New construction of the frame as lightweight tutular trellis frame

Stree-Won Concept 1.2

Planned further development:
Retrofitting of stainless steel scraper bars with quick release fasteners for fine adjustment of the spreading rate