Single horse minimum tillage seeder-roller

Picture 1: General view front left

Picture 2: General view front

Picture 3: General view front right

Picture 4: General view rear

Picture 5: Calibration test

Picture 6: Roller solo version without seeding unit

Picture 7: Exploded view frame

Picture 8: Exploded view seeding unit

Picture 9: Exploded view roller

Picture 10: Exploded view clutch and tranmissions

Picture 11: Exploded view hitch device

Picture 12: Exploded view shafts

Technical specifications

Usage: Grassland (New planting and reseeding), Biodiversity plots, Market gardening (Green manure)
Working width: 1000 mm
Total width: 1570 mm
Total length: 3450 mm
Total height: 1135 mm
Weight (empty): 205 kg with synthetic roller (Plastic / Plastic), 265 kg with semi synthetic roller (Plastic / Grey cast iron)
Frame: EQUI IDEA (I) / SmP
Roller: GÜTTLER self-cleaning prismatic roller (D) ø 330 / 380 mm
Seed hopper: EINBÖCK Mechanicbox (A), custom made with 7 outlets, seeding rate 3,5 kg/ha (Red clover) … 145 kg/ha (Common vetch), fluted feed wheel seeding shaft, agitator shaft, adjustable gate latches, calibration tray
Seed distribution: SmP, plastic hoses ø 30 mm with seed diffusors
Transmission: FIONA (DK), double chain drive 3,53:1 / gear drive 1:1
Clutch: IORI REMO IR1 (I) / SmP claw coupling
Single tree: EQUI IDEA (I), height 200 … 350 mm, width 750 mm
Draught springs: EQUI IDEA (I), spring rate 17,5 N/mm
Shaft carrier: EQUI IDEA (I), rotatable around the longitudinal axis, inner width 600 … 1000 mm
Shafts: SmP, DN32 stainless steel, length 2950 … 3200 mm

Séi-Roll Concept 1.1

Retrofitting of a support leg and a covering harrow in front of the prismatic roller with fine adjustment of the working depth.