Steerable single horse forecart for three-wheeler implements

Picture 1: General view front left with frame of SmP Kombi-Setz 1.0

Picture 2: Exploded view implement adaptor, steering and brake

Picture 3: Exploded view wheel hub, wheel and tire

Picture 4: Exploded view hitch device

Technical specifications:

Usage: Hitch of easy to pull implements with low transmission of support and steering forces to the horse – Steerable for a better working precision of seeding and planting equipment

Steering: SmP, steering angle 0 … 102,5° to both sides with 0 … 200 mm single tree offset to the centreline

Total width: 310 mm

Total length: 2120 mm

Total height: 1410 mm

Weight: 62 kg

Frame: REPOSSI (I) / SmP

Wheel: SmP, 12 spokes DN15

Tire: CARRIAGE TYRE (PL), 3.50-21 4PR

Brake disc: KEEP RACING (D) / SmP, ø 200 mm

Brake calliper: VIMOTER (I) / SmP

Brake handle: SmP

Brake wire: SFK (D)

Pulse wheel: LERIPA Robalon S (A) / SmP, ø 200 mm

Single tree: SmP, height 250 … 375 mm, width 750 mm

Draught springs: EQUI IDEA (I), spring rate 17,5 N/mm

Adapter to implements : WESTFALIA / SmP