Single horse forecart for three-wheeler implements

Picture 1: General view front left

Picture 2: General view rear left

Picture 3: Exploded view wheel with suspension

Picture 4: Exploded view hitch device with shafts

Technical specifications

Usage: Hitch of easy to pull implements with low transmission of support and steer forces to the horse
Steer angle: 102,5° left /right
Total width: 910 mm
Total length: 3850 mm (850 mm without shafts)
Total height: 1190 mm
Weight: 93,5 kg
Frame: REPOSSI (I) / SmP
Wheel: SmP, 8 spokes DN15
Tire: 3.50-21
Brake disk: KEEP RACING (D) / SmP, ø 200 mm
Brake calliper: VIMOTER (I) / SmP
Brake handle: VIMOTER (I) / SmP
Brake wire: SFK (D)
Pulse wheel: LERIPA Robalon S (A) / SmP, ø 200 mm
Single tree: EQUI IDEA (I), height 250 … 805 mm, width 750 mm
Draught springs: EQUI IDEA, spring rate 17,5 N/mm
Shaft carrier: EQUI IDEA (I), rotatable around the longitudinal axis, inner width 600 … 1000 mm
Shafts: SmP, DN32 stainless steel, length 2950 … 3200 mm
Adapter to implements: WESTFALIA / SmP

Mono-Rad Concept 1.1

Hitch device with individually shafts instead of rigid shafts.

Mono-Rad Concept 1.2

Hitch device with direct draught on spring suspended articulated shafts.

Mono-Rad Concept 1.3

Planned further development:
Draught device with adjustable spring-damper combination.