Single horse roller

Picture 1: General view rear left

Picture 2: General view front right

Picture 3: Detail view roller

Picture 4: Exploded view frame with bearings

Picture 5: Exploded view traction shafts with support

Technical specifications

Usage: Seedbed preparation, pasture renovation

Working width: 665 mm
Total width: 1040 mm
Total length: 3150 mm
Total height:
 1000 mm
Weight: 162 kg
Weight distribution: 93,5 / 6,5 % (roller axle / shafts)

Roller: OTICO / AUF DER LANDWEHR, 420 mm / 520 mm

Frame profile front: SmP, construction tube steel DN40 x 2 mm

Frame profile rear: SmP, round bar 50 mm (counterbalance to shaft carrier)

Frame lateral sections: SmP, Domex steel 4 mm

Traction shafts: SmP, stainless steel DN32, width 750 … 1000 mm

Kombi-Roll Concept 2.1

Planned further development:
Optimization of the traction shaft form


Kombi-Roll Concept 2.2

Picture 6: General view front left

Picture 7: General view rear with SmP Kombi-Roll 2.0

Picture 8: Exploded view frame with bearings

Picture 9: Exploded view ball coupling

Picture 10: Explodes rotational speed sensor

Picture 11: Detail view rotational speed sensor