Single horse minimum tillage cultivator

Picture 1: General view shanks / discs combination

Picture 2: General view discs / dsics combination

Picture 3: Exploded view entire implement

Technical specifications

Usage:  Biodiversity plots, Market gardening
Working width: 660 mm
Working depth: max. 140 mm
Total width: 730 mm
Total length: 1600 mm
Total height: 795 mm
Weight: 176 kg
Frame: PIONEER (USA) / SmP
Skids: LERIPA Robalon S (A) / SmP, 75 x 110 mm
Tines: PIONEER (USA), width 60 mm
Discs: BALDAN (BR), ø 330 mm
Angle of attack of the discs: 0 … 20°
Roller: AUF DER LANDWEHR TerraFlow (D), ø 420 mm
Single tree: EQUI IDEA (I), height 150 … 250 mm, width 750 mm
Draught springs: EQUI IDEA (I), spring rate 17,5 N/mm

Kombi-Roll Concept 1.1

Retrofitting of bilateral side plats in order to prevent ridging beside the discs

Picture 4: General view shanks / discs combination with side plats

Picture 5: Detail view side plats

Picture 6: Detail view improved draft height adjustment

Picture 7: Detail view reinforced working depth adjustment

Kombi-Roll Concept 1.2

Planned further development:
Retrofitting of different shanks and discs in order to compare their work results