Ongoing SmP projects

In March 2014 was released the first issue of a new guidebook series about the use of draught horses in small-scale agriculture and market gardening in Italian language. Other languages (German, English, French) will follow till begin of 2015.

The 1st issue “The harness for draught horses” contains the following chapters:

  • Typology of harness

  • Harness components

  • Harnessing of a draught horse

  • Harness improvements

  • Harness maintenance

As there exist uncountable types and variations of work harness around the world, the two authors from Italy and Luxembourg focus on three different harness types, which are:

  • « Tiroler Spitzkummet-Arbeitsgeschirr » representing the Central European harness

  • « Värmlandssele » representing the North European harness

  • « Belly-backer harness » representing the North American harness

Beside all the specific details as well as the corresponding advantages and disadvantages of the three different harness types, also the correct adjustments are discussed and visualized by multicoloured hand drawings and photographs. Most of the discussed fundamentals can easily be assigned to other harness.

As the core theme of this guidebook series is the humane treatment of the animal, special attention is paid to the correct selection, adjustment and maintenance of the harness.

Price of the guidebooks: € 10.00 per copy plus shipping costs (see order form)

Future SmP projects

It’s planned to publish subsequent issues of this new guidebook series, with one compendium per year, using multicoloured hand drawings and photographs to illustrate among others the following subjects:

  • Fundamentals of the cooperation between humans and draught horses

  • Different types of hitches

  • Basics of modern implements and their use

Further information about ordering of our guidebooks can be found in the order form.